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Top 12 Websites for Online Study & Certifications

Free and Paid There are several websites that offer online study and certifications all around the world. Some charge fee for the online course, while some provide certificate free of cost. Here is a list of both websites where you may apply for this purpose:

What is IELTS

IELTS is International English Language Testing System and it is the standard criterion to judge English Language Skill in the candidates around the world. IELTS is accepted online English Language Testing that it has its validity in educational and professional organizations in North America, European English nations ....

IELTS important information

Of course this comes in every candidate’s mind that what is important to do in IELTS. Remember always, whenever you ask what is important in IELTS, it is just like that as one asks what is important in English Language. As it is already mentioned that IELTS has FOUE modules so just fix your attention in improving these four basic skills of English Language. Overall what you need is ........

NGOs Jobs

NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organization. It means an organization that does not aim to do business for earning profits. It is not a government organization, however supported with funds by the government as well as private concerns. It is established by a group of people, who want to serve the humanity and work voluntarily for some specific purpose, e.g. human rights, some political or social development projects or some environment control ............

MCQs Test from Parts of Speech

1. How many major parts of speech are there?


2. ……….adds to the meaning of a noun.


HEC foreign scholarships

HEC has many programmes for the foreign scholarships. Students are sent to the leading universities of Europe, America, China, Cuba and other foreign regions for PhD programmes in different disciplines.

The scholarship for PhD in basic sciences had been awarded to the students for China which has now been rolled back in 2006 and all the scholars have ....


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