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Scholarships in Australia for International Students

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Australia allots scholarships to International students from time to time on merit basis. You are not required to pass any specific test or go through a hard and fast procedure for this purpose. But you must take the IELTS for English aptitude. This is because English is a source of communication internationally and one should be able to have command on it especially when you are going abroad. You do not know the national or native language of Australia. Similarly, you cannot express in your own language as they will not understand it. So, English is the main prerequisite.

The Australian Awards Initiative offers scholarships to above 19k persons within 5 years. It is not only for study purpose, but also awarded to research and professionals. The followings are the details of various Australian scholarships for International Students, i.e.

1- Institution Specific Scholarships:

These scholarships are offered by the universities or the educational institutions themselves. For further information, you can visit http://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/

2- International Centers of Excellence Scholarships for International Students:

This scholarship program is also offered by the Australian Government Initiative. It is for International Students as well as awarded in many other countries of Asia internationally. The subjects to study include science, mathematics, management and sports, etc. The courses of Tourism, Water Resource Management and Hospitality are offered by THE-ICE (The International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality and ICEWARM (International centre of Excellence in Water Resource Management). Its detail is available at the following links:



3- Australian Development Scholarships for International Students:

This is presented by The Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade Australian Aid for human resource development. It is offered every year. You can check its eligibility and procedure to apply by visiting the URL: http://www.pakistan.embassy.gov.au/islm/Ad2010.html

4- Endeavour Scholarships for International Students:

This scholarship program is for study purpose and has been categorized into

  1. Endeavour Study
  2. Endeavour Research
  3. Endeavour Professionals

It provides an opportunity to study on short, medium and long time basis. These awards are as follows:

  1. Endeavour Postgraduate Awards:
    This program is for all the eligible postgraduate applicants to study in Australia.
  2. Endeavour Research Fellowships for International Students:
    It has been launched for Pakistani researchers for helping them in exhaustive research and facilitates them in Australia for using advanced techniques and methods.
  3. Endeavour Executive Awards for International Students:
    This is a special scholarship for Pakistani professionals in different fields, including business, teaching, industry and government workers. They improve their skills and enhance the expertise in their field.
  4. Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarships:
    Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarship is offered internationally, including International Students and provides a platform to do an extensive research on the postgraduate level.
  5. Endeavour VTE Awards for International Students:
    The Endeavour VTE (Vocational and Technical Education) Award is an opportunity to get a diploma in some technical or educational field in Australia whether in public sector or private. For detailed information of the Australian Scholarships for all International Students, check this link and get the required information.

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