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Scholarships at Islamic University, Madinah:

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Islamic University, Madinah, Saudi Arabia is not only an Islamic educational institution, but also a scientific platform to study different subject areas of sciences. It is offering scholarships to the Muslim countries, including Pakistan for high school graduates. The maximum duration of the free education over there is 5 years.

One of the following 5 faculties:

1- Faculty of Sharia.

2- Faculty of Da'wa and Usul al-Din.

3- Faculty of Quran and Dirasat Islamiyya.

4- Faculty of Hadith and Dirasat Islamiyya.

5- Faculty of Arabic Language.

There are several scholarship programs named as S1 and S3. S1 program is totally free for Pakistanis who do not intend to do the course of language learning one to two years. Others who intend to do this language course apply for the S3 program. They also get a chance to do Hajj and Umrah. The University not only grants free education, but also provides return ticket, monthly allowance, thesis and dissertation printing allowance, travelling allowance, medical facility, hostel, stationery allowance and an inducement to win the title of Mumtaz.

Eligibility and Requirements:

To be eligible for this scholarship, you should be a Muslim and a follower of the rules and regulations set by the University. There will be a test for eligibility and only those who qualify will be granted the scholarship. You should have a certificate from a government school or private. Your age must not exceed twenty five years and you should be fit in health. If you are applying for faculty appointment, you are required to complete the Hifz of all the thirty Paras of the Holy Qur’an.

For detailed information about these scholarships by the Madinah Islamic University, check this link: http://cyberscholarship.blogspot.com/2010/08/islamic-university-madinah-scholarship.html

Files Required For Submission:

All the degrees, diploma and certificates achieved by you and also attach character certificate along with. You must submit your birth certificate as well as health certificate that shows you have no infection or such disorder. You are required to submit your six photos (size 4 x 6.7, color white, don’t cover your head and do not put on glasses while taking your photo). Also attach a recommendation from the Islamic school where you studied first of all or you may send a recommendation attested and described by 2 Islamic personalities in your country, here Pakistan. They ensure in the description that you fulfill all the religious obligations and practice the well mannerism in your routine life.

For admission details in the Madinah Islamic University, you may visit their website URL, i.e. http://admission.iu.edu.sa/StartIu.aspx

Religious certificate is required to be attached, but it is not necessary that you are a Muslim by birth. Your certificates and all other papers should be translated in the Arabic language and there should be a stamp of an official translator. When your name will be displayed in the list of scholarships awarded, you will have to bring your original papers as well. Other important things are a photocopy of your passport and VISA with an application for scholarship.

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